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Wow We Review – Products, Leadership and Compensation

We should start with the organization’s set of experiences. WowWe was established in 2007 by Bill Starkey with a dream to change the manner in which the world imparts alongside a dream to give monetary bounty and security around the planet. Remembering the individual first, Mr. Starkey made an item, plan of action and advertising plan that he accepts has the ability to pay a wholesaler more than $1,000,000/month (on the off chance that they worked for it obviously!).

Long story short, the WowWe plan of action is incredibly liberal. Since the organization markets computerized items (instead of an actual item), it has the ability to pay out more remuneration to the field because of low inward overheads and high item requests.

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WowWe’s two fundamental items are video email and video conferencing. These two items can be utilized for a wide range of things and as I would see it can profit any business. For instance, an organization advertiser can converse with their possibilities during the day, construct leads and afterward circle back to every one of them at a press of a catch with a pre-recorded video email.

The capacities are just restricted by your creative mind. I am aware of a real estate professional who utilizes the video email administration to record a video of their customers house, show the various rooms and highlights and afterward send that video through email to their clients by the day’s end.

Obviously, there are a great many different applications just as unadulterated individual use!

The subsequent item, video conferencing, is extremely great. GoToMeeting, Webex and numerous different stages cost more than $100 per/month, while WowWe has much more extended limits and is basically $20/month. Could you say the cost is correct? Of course.

A couple of the WowWe highlights that grabbed my eye were screen sharing, video conferencing (off kilter), PowerPoint introductions, and furthermore the crowd connection.

When demonstrating the crowd your work area, it tends to be amazingly spotless, regardless of whether you are riding the web and indicating them various things on your end. One element that stood apart to me is that you can make a screen effort of your work area and in a real sense send it as a.jpeg document to your members at the press of a catch.

“WowWe Leadership”

WowWe’s organization promoting leg is controlled by two unfathomable people; CEO Mr. Starkey and VP of Sales and Marketing, Steve Little. Steve Little has more than 30 years experience in the organization showcasing industry, has constructed groups of more than 100,000 delegates and has reliably been one of the best 100 MLM workers in the whole world.

Steve has a method of making the organization promoting business, basic, simple and pleasant. I have had the pleasure of working with Steve by and by and he has really been a gift to Wowwe.

Notwithstanding Steve’s solid initiative, the corporate group likewise comprises of Director of Technical Development, Jake Stevenson (who made perhaps the most well known twitter applications for the windows cell phone) and the Director of IT Infrastructure, Richard Bateman, one of the first Microsoft mentors.

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