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Can You Record Good Vocals Without a Mic 2021


All I have is an iPhone 6, modest earphones and a PC. I can’t bear the cost of any amplifier (like ANY. Trust me, cash isn’t the issue here so try not to recommend any modest ones). How might I get to some degree clean vocals to make a youtube-commendable tune? It doesn’t need to be THAT acceptable, probably in the same class as a beginner coverThanks for presenting on r/singing!

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This is under the suspicion you are looking at blending vocals in a task in your DAW. that is simply incomprehensible. In case you’re discussing simply doing general fronts of yourself on camera, possibly with a guitar, at that point, sure. It’d sound fineI needed to talk about another breathing method that has been doing some amazing things for me.

I have made the association between the pelvic floor muscles/lower mid-region and the sun based plexus while singing. At the point when I breathe in, I daintily contract my lower abs/pelvic floor muscles and I permit my upper abs, ribs, and back to grow.

At the point when I breathe out, I keep this breath extended in my ribs and back, I keep the pelvic floor/lower abs softly contracted, and I delicately push the sunlight based plexus/upper abs out. This has been doing some incredible things for me.

I found this around two days prior just from self-testing and from that point forward have expanded my reach, delivered all strain, and improved my reverberation and tone. I simply needed to get the entirety of your contemplations and thoughts on this since I need to ensure my voice is solid and sound for the remainder of my lifeMy father is a drummer and is rehearsing his harmonies for his band.

This implies playing identical drum beat again and again, singing similar lines again and again. It’s making me insane. He’s not horrendous or anything (albeit the manner in which he pushes to hit high notes truly makes me insane), yet it’s incredibly grinding when I’m attempting to accomplish school work to need to tune in to again and again.


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