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3 Ideas For Proposing During Covid

No matter if you’re 100% sure that your partner will say yes when you propose, getting down on one knee can be a daunting experience. Over the past year, big romantic proposals and gestures have been put on hold thanks to Covid, which can cause huge amounts of stress if you had a fantastic proposal plan that was unforgettable in place, which you since had to postpone. Whilst the world is slowly, but surely recovering from Covid, it is unlikely that grand public proposals will take place any time soon, so if you’re planning on popping the question, here are 3 great ideas that you can use to propose with during Covid.

Summer Picnic Treasure Hunt

Whilst tropical beaches and stunning cities are off limits for now, there are still some great proposals you can do in your local area. With summer fast approaching, why not plan a lovely summer picnic, complete with a treasure hunt to lead your partner to your proposal spot? Pack a picnic hamper and blanket and off on your adventure, and perhaps with the help of some friends and family, leave notes or clues on trees or nature spots that lead you to the final spot where you will propose, or where you’ve chosen to place a vintage jewellery piece? Don’t forget to pack the champagne!

Little Surprises Instead Of Grand Gestures

You might be waiting until lockdown is over to pop the question, but often little surprises mean more than over the top grand gestures. Over the past year, we’ve learnt to live a much simpler life, with fewer people, so instead of planning an elaborate proposal in the middle of a busy location, why not plan something a little smaller and more romantic? If you live with your partner and know you want to pop the question, why not do so on a weekend morning by writing “Marry Me?” in cereal or syrup for a memorable at-home brunch? If there is a birthday or anniversary coming up, you could simply swap the cards from girlfriend or boyfriend to say fiancee or fiance instead.

Plan A Romantic At-Home Meal

Although many restaurants and bars have been shut for a number of months, a lot of them are still offering at home dining services you can order from your home. Local restaurants are also likely to offer this service, so if you have a favourite place you both like to go for food and drinks, check and see if they provide at home dining. If so, order a romantic meal and let them know it is for a proposal, as they may provide you with an enhanced list for menu choices, or gift you a bottle of champagne. Even if you’re just ordering a takeaway, you could pop the ring in the takeout box, or if you’ve chosen an emerald ring, try to discreetly hide it in some salad or veg (making sure there is no chance of any accidents!)